The Face Behind the Mask: Lindsey Somerville

This week’s Face Behind the Mask is Lindsey Somerville.

Lindsay is a Registered Dental Hygienist. If you’ve been for a dentist’s appointment recently she may have been one of the friendly faces who greeted you.

We appreciate all the front-line and essential workers in our community who, like Lindsey, are working hard to help and support others.

Q: If you had to describe your experience of the pandemic in one word, what would it be? 

A: Gratitude

Q: What is one way you have helped/reached out to someone else during the pandemic? 

A:  When patients have come into the office, I’ve tried to make it as social and positive as possible. I like to check in with my patients well being, especially if they live alone during this time.

Q: What is one way someone has helped/reached out to you?

A: When dentistry opened up again, I think we were all a little hesitant to begin, but our dental team has been incredibly supportive and diligent. It has made the experience feel ‘normal’ in our day-to-day operations.

Q: What would you say is the most important thing that is helping you get through the pandemic?

A: Family. When things have seemed difficult, I try to spend as much time as possible with my family. They make me feel thankful and loved.

Q: What has been the most difficult thing about the pandemic for you?

A: Not being able to have social gatherings with our extending family and friends. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is struggling?

A: All we can do is try our best, and try to remain positive that this time is temporary. 

Q: What is a good thing that has happened to you because of the pandemic?

A:  When the pandemic first started, I was on maternity leave, and my husband’s job shut down. While this was a little stressful, I will never forget or take for granted the 3 months we had together EVERY DAY as a family. We tried to make every day special. 

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As of March 15, Vancouver Coastal Health will be offering a public vaccination site located on the upper level of the Powell River Recreation Complex.

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